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Charter SChool Challenges

Charter school principals face a distinctive set of challenges that can vary widely depending on the regulatory environment of their state, the specific charter school model, and the resources available to them

  • Funding: Limited and volatile funding compared to traditional public schools.
  • Staffing: Difficulties in recruiting and retaining talented teachers and staff.
  • Enrollment: Ensuring sufficient student recruitment and retention for funding.
  • Diversity and Equity: Addressing the needs of a diverse student body and promoting inclusion.
  • Isolation: Overcoming professional isolation from the traditional public school system.
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Elevate your students’ learning with our cutting-edge Mini-grid Photovoltaic Solar System course. This immersive program bridges science and technology, challenging students to build a solar system and develop a monitoring website through hands-on project-based learning. Beyond academics, it cultivates critical thinking, teamwork, and a passion for sustainable solutions. Empower your students to illuminate the future, fostering innovation and joy in learning. Join us in making a real-world impact, one classroom at a time.

  • Cutting-edge Mini-grid Photovoltaic Solar System course that combines science and technology.
  • Immersive, hands-on project-based learning experience.
  • Students build a solar system and develop a monitoring website.
  • Cultivates critical thinking, teamwork, and a passion for sustainable solutions.
  • Empowers students to illuminate the future with innovation and joy in learning.
  • Makes a real-world impact, one classroom at a time.

About New York Academy of Sciences STEM Certification

STEM education is more important than ever—and yet little objective information exists to help decision-makers identify high-quality materials. The New York Academy of Sciences STEM Certification Program addresses this need by reviewing and certifying materials aligned with our STEM Education Framework.

  • Our STEM Program is certified by New York Academy of Sciences.
  • Recognition that our materials reflect best practices
  • Official New York Academy of Sciences certification seal for use in promotional materials & recognition on the NYAS website
  • Promotional opportunities through the Global STEM Alliance, a coalition of more than 250 partners in 100 countries and regions around the world

The LA ORT STEM Program has been designed by a group of educators and industry practitioners with diverse expertise:

  • In their annual assessment of Fiscal Year 2020-2021 US Defense Industrial Capabilities, the Pentagon has identified lack of quality STEM education as one of the most important and systemic national security risks. To be specific, the report cited that “Today’s education pipeline is not providing the necessary software engineering resources to fully meet the demand from commercial and defense sectors, and resources required to meet future demands continue to grow… Decades of neglect have left the robust system of technical schools the nation once relied upon for industrial training badly weakened and the existing workforce is rapidly aging out, taking irreplaceable tacit knowledge with them…

Some key statistics that highlight the growing need in STEM education

  • 10.9M expected number of STEM occupations in the U.S. by 2029
  • 70% of all STEM occupations are related to Computer Science and Information Services
  • More than half of school districts in the U.S. are facing a shortage of qualified STEM teachers
  • 400% – magnitude by which Russia is exceeding U.S. in the number of STEM graduates
  • 800% – magnitude by which China is exceeding U.S. in the number of STEM graduates

*This report is a clear wake-up call linking the future of the US economy as well as its role in the world marketplace to the success of STEM education.

Feedback from Principals and High schools Science Teachers

In response to the Pentagon’s alarming report to Congress in January 2021, and in view of the shortage of quality STEM curricula in the United States, LA ORT has developed and successfully launched a state-of-the-art STEM Education Program. LA ORT is uniquely positioned to leverage its over 80 years of experience in career and technical education to deliver a unique STEM Program that simultaneously addresses two spectrums of the STEM education dilemma:

  1. Shortage of quality education that integrates Computer Science, modern technology, and engineering into its curriculum for high school students, and:
  2. Shortage of qualified teachers who are equipped to implement a modern STEM curriculum.

For Teachers:

LA ORT has developed an immersive certification program, coupled with on-going access to dedicated STEM teachers and mentors. Our STEM Teacher Training and Professional Development (STTPD) course provides core competencies required for effective implementation of any STEM curriculum, including:

  • Fostering inclusivity
  • Creating and managing a STEM-specific student-centered classroom learning environment
  • Teaching project-based learning (PBL)
  • Making the vision of Next Generation Science Standards come alive in the classroom
  • Teaching STEM using 5E Instructional Model
  • Identifying and integrating the right technologies that enhances learning
  • Reinforcing effective communication skills
  • Assessing student learning
  • Facilitating learning outside of classroom setting
  • Science fundamentals
  • Engineering skills
  • Digital literacy

Teachers who take our STEM Teacher Training and Professional Development will receive ample support from our STEM Teachers and will have access to additional material during the course.

Feedback from Principals and High schools Science Teachers

Our STEM Program has been met with excitement and praise from academia. The common thread and feedback: the program is unique, because it is the only STEM program in the country that offers a truly comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to STEM learning, interweaving each of the STEM content areas into one year-long, project-based course. It provides a template for how STEM education should be taught in this country. What’s more, our Teacher-Training program not only prepares teachers on how to teach and understand STEM education as a multidisciplinary approach, but it also covers most proficiencies of professional development for teachers. Teachers who take our STEM Teacher Training and Professional Development (STTPD) course, and finish it satisfactorily, will receive a Certified STEM Teacher certificate.  

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