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STTPD Frequently Asked Questions

In this course you will find multiple technical, engineering and science activities and information which are blended within the Professional Development topics. This blend makes our course, robust and comprehensive for a STEM teacher.

US ORT STTPD course is designed for people who have a bachelor’s degree in one or more of the STEM related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

As long as you have a bachelor’s degree in one of the STEM related fields, you can join the course.

This course, follows the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) 26 competencies and skills as adopted by the NYAS. As such, the course equips the teachers with a mindset that integrates many of the modern life aspects into the class; starting with understanding what Energy is and exercising it through simulations,  budget management, using excel, building a mathematical model to predict cost reduction plan and more, while working in teams, and following the engineering design process which can be applied to any aspect of life and specifically for high school students.

US ORT STTPD course provides every teacher with a methodology for working in class. Whether you are a science teacher or a math teacher, the idea is to provide you, the teacher with a methodology where you teach your students in an interdisciplinary way, with multiple engaging activities.

The credits as approved by CTLE are 39 hours towards continuing education.

We use virtual rooms and set each team to a separate “ room” so there will be no distractions for the working process.

Teachers/students, can make up missed class, by reading the relevant chapters in the STTPD book and sending questions to the instructor.

  • Class Participation in Tasks and Activities – 50%
  • Homework – 20%
  • Final Project – 30%

The activities will be provided by the instructor. The slides can be downloaded in a pdf format.

While you are working in teams, in separate “rooms”, the instructor “visits” each “room” and Observes the work of the team members.